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I started this blog (which means, picked the name for it, and then never did anything else) at least a year ago. I named it Flying House in honor of two pictures which seemed to me to capture how I felt about our lives – mine, Seth’s, Mark’s. The pictures are small engravings – both came to us from a little shop in Heidelberg. Each shows a house, floating – one house is floating in the air, above trees; the other house is floating in the water, with fish swimming around. They are the same house. Each of these pictures was a gift to us from friends, who had chosen them independently of each other. Clearly I was not alone in thinking that our household had been vagrant for a while. Seth and I have moved so many times – almost every year that we’ve been together. We lived in six different places in Atlanta. We lived in South Carolina, in Colorado, we lived apart. For the past six months, we have lived in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Or Stillwater, USA, as people here like to say. Now, and for in undefined period of future time, we live in the ICU of the OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City. Seth has been able to talk today for the first time in a week. He asked me where we were. I’ve told him before, but I don’t expect him to remember from one day to the next. He’s still on a lot of drugs. I told him we were in the city, that they flew him down here right away after his accident. “Flew?”, he asked. “Why?” It is hard to know when is the right time, or what is the right way to tell him how serious it was, and still is. But for eight years, ever since my dad died, I have struggled with never feeling at home – never feeling safe or taken care of, anywhere. Is it strange, that at this moment of crisis, I feel safe here? The doctors and nurses are incredible. They are taking such good care of him. I trust them. So, for now, our house is a hospital, and I feel at home here.


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